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Monday, July 14, 2008

The Power of Positive Thoughts, Manifestation and Faith

While beginning the planning of my next sojourn in India, I realized that regular readers of my blogs must be under the impression that nothing inspirational, thought provoking or exciting happens to me when I am back in Israel!

Well, the opposite is true. Every single day is an amazing adventure, a mystery waiting to unfold in amazing and quite surprising ways, full of synchronicities, messages and blessings. The reason I do so little posting while in Israel, is simply that I have less time to dedicate to my blog and so these articles, which are just waiting to be posted, accumulate in my notebook and in my head to the point where I don’t know where to begin first…right now there are AT LEAST 4 I would like to share with you. I will begin with the current place in my life and work my way back, but the posts will deal with the following which start from the most recent and work their way back:

1. My moving to a new flat
2. The story of my teaching Reiki to someone from Moscow who found me on the internet!
3. The Retreat I went to “by chance”, meeting my Guides and the messages channeled to me.
4. The Passing of my dear friend Abdellah
5. The idea of “Fear and Faith…you can’t have both”

And of course all the subsequent messages and lessons learnt from each of the above.

Soooo….let’s begin with the “simple” fact that I am moving to a new flat in a month’s time! This happened “all of a sudden” after a very long series of events and synchronicities leading up to it.

First of all, for many months now, perhaps a year, I have been manifesting more comfortable living arrangements. I have been living in my current flat

for almost 4 years, when I came back from a trip to India with no home, no job and no money. This flat was “given” to me as a temporary solution and I actually lived here the first 6 months free of charge, until I found proper work and could begin paying rent. This was not something I asked for. At the time I had simply asked for solutions to the no home, no job no money situation and this was part of the solution prepared for me by the Universe.

But the flat, even at that time, was completely dilapidated and in a serious state of deterioration after being neglected for years by the owners, who’s only desire was to rent it out and make money. Now, 4 years later, the condition of the flat is, obviously, even more serious, despite my doing many repairs over the years at my own expense. (The owner refuses on principle to put any money back into the flat).

Some time ago I realized, that despite the inconvenience it would cause me, I must find myself a more comfortable, pleasant form of living arrangement. The current flat is right in the heart of a lovely city in Israel called Raanana, which is generally very expensive, but the area the flat is in is consider an undesirable complex of very old flats built in the 50’s, and so the rents here are much lower than the rest of the city. It is also located smack in the middle of town so that I can easily walk to anything I need or anyone I need to see. I’ve never had such convenience. And although it is a flat, which I am not used to living in, it has lovely open grassy and tree filled spaces right outside and although near the main street, is extremely quiet and always has on the street parking available.

What I began to manifest was an apartment, which would not involve and long-distance move, perhaps even in the same city if possible at my current lower rental fee, with access to all conveniences by foot, with open space and green natural areas outside, but that the flat itself be in good condition, with new kitchen, bathroom and shower facilities, with closets, heating and air conditioning, clean, well painted, light and clean. With the same number of rooms so that my daughter could continue to live with me if she chose to, and with a room large enough as well to act as a clinic and workshop area. With lovely neighbors, easy access (either on a low floor or with an elevator)…etc. The list goes on.

I did this in my daily practice for months and months, always imagining myself living comfortably, but still enjoying my current situation and never feeling miserable that no changes had yet occurred.

And then, the time came closer for a renewal of my lease and I knew the current landlord would want to raise the rent (again), and I already felt I was paying to much considering the condition of the flat. So the first thing I did towards physically getting more energies into my manifestation process , was to begin asking neighbors how much rent they were paying (and all the other flats are redone and pleasant and clean etc.) and also told the person who is in charge of the building here that I am looking perhaps for another flat if the landlord wants to raise my rent again as, to put it mildly, I was already fed up with the place!

I found out how much others were paying and saw some really nice looking flats in the same building, and then I was told that there actually was a flat vacant but that the owners were not happy about renting it out (the parents had both passed over 6 months ago and it’s been empty since then) because they had recently redone the entire flat and were afraid of having tenants who would not care for it. So, the person in charge got in touch with them and recommended me as a possible tenant and put the idea in motion in their heads to think about renting it out.

Turns out, “by chance”, that this same flat is just one flight up from my current flat, directly above me!! And I was invited to come see it last week and if I did not see it with my own eyes, would not believe it was the exact same flat I am now living in after renovations. It was everything I had been asking for in my manifestations daily for months, and would not involve long-distance moving expenses, gives me the same conveniences regarding location and open space etc. that I have now, and , in effect, is everything I’ve been asking for including closets, heating, AC, whatever.

However, the rent they were asking for was much too high and so I began sending Reiki, and having all my Reiki friends so the same, to ask for a fair and just solution for all parties involved. I began mulling over the idea of spending much more in rent than I currently am, but even if I stayed in my current flat, the rent would be raised with no justification. So I decided what amount I would be comfortable with and that was my specific goal for a solution to the rent question. I was still not sure however, about the amount of money (fear was overcoming faith in this instance, and I found it difficult to overcome this…after all, we have to be practical, don’t we?) . My daughter shlomit surprised me completely one day when I came home. She had been telling me all along that there should be no question in my mind about the rightness of moving into the flat upstairs…that I deserved it…that I am worthy of much better living conditions than I have here etc) What she told me was that SHE would take care of the extra rent money. How? She is a student? She decided that she would get a student loan if she continued to study and use it to pay the difference in rent, and if she ended her studies, and began working, she would pay the rent difference from her salary!! So, everything seemed to be in place except for the landlords upstairs agreeing to the lower price. But I was still wavering in my decision of spending the extra money…perhaps convince the current landlord to do some minor repairs to make the place more livable? Do I really want to spend the extra money? Etc. Deep down inside, I already KNEW I deserved to move to the flat upstairs, but again, the fear / faith issue had arisen to shake my confidence in my soul’s knowing!

A couple of days ago, during my morning meditation practice, I was simply told to pick two cards, one for goddess guidance and one for angel assistance, and I sat down immediately and did so. These are the two cards that came up with a short explanation of each:

RHIANNON: Sorceress…”You are a magical person who can manifest your clear intentions into reality”: With these meanings intended:
Have absolute faith that your dream is manifested
Make a clear decision
Put your energy into manifesting your dreams
Know that you deserve to receive good
When you win, others win too
Keep your thoughts focused on your desire and away from fear.

I could not have a received a message more clear than the above!!! So before even checking out the angel assistant card I had picked, I decided conclusively that the flat above was prepared especially for me as part of the overview, many months ago, even before I KNEW I would have to move. I knew that the rent question would be settled to everyone’s satisfaction. That FAITH was the only way to go now and asked for complete freedom from fear in this matter, and then, using a new technique I learnt in the retreat I went to “by chance” a couple of weeks ago, called Hatmara, I did further energy work on the entire situation. And then opened the second card:

OMEGA: “Victory! Your desire is coming to fruition. Keep up the good work!”
Congratulations! You have chosen to follow your Divine guidance, and the Universe is flowing in natural rhythm with your decision. When you listen to the messages that your heart whispers, you swim in natural synchronicity with the tide of your life’s purpose. Stay relaxed and confident, and keep moving forward with happiness and grace. ….Your victory is inevitable in this situation, so you needn’t worry that temporary problems will thwart your desire. …Release your doubts to Heaven, and rest assured that a happy outcome is yours.


I immediately placed a phone call to my current landlord and explained that I was considering moving, but wondered if there was any possibility of basic repairs being done on the flat. The reply was that not only would no repairs be done, the rent would also be raised, and if I chose to leave, it would be OK as they could charge even higher rental fees to someone new. Hmmmmm….

I then called the NEW landlord, asked if they had considered their final offer in reducing their initial request for rent, and , quite pleasantly, they replied yes…and it was exactly the amount that I had already decided I was willing to pay!!. I asked all the questions I had to ask, she asked hers, and when we were both satisfied, she said she would get a lease prepared by a lawyer and get it to me for my approval and signature.
So I will be moving into my new home before the 1st of September!!!

And that is it for today….I will do my best to catch up with my posts here and ask your forgiveness for not being more attentive to this blog.

Much tranquility and harmony
Light love and joy

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