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Thursday, March 08, 2007

MESSAGES FROM THE TREES- March 3rd, 2007, Rishikesh India

I spotted this tree on one of my walks in Rishikesh in March 2007, as well as the tree later in this post. They were directly across the mountain path from each other.

I knew they were a message for me in response to my recent requests for guidance and direction, clarity and understanding. I've already learnt from past experience that replies from the Universe come in many forms, so am always alert to answers that are sent my way.

Two days after seeing this tree, and contemplating its message, I received the following insight:

Every obstacle that comes our way is sent to us lovingly and with purpose by the Universe. Do not seek an alternative path in order to avoid the obstacle, but stand firm in what you know to be your chosen path, even when the going seems almost impossible. Embrace the obstacle lovingly, learn the lesson and continue to grow and thrive.

This is the second tree on the other side of the road and if you look carefully you will see it is two completely separate individual trees which have grown together as one at the top, but still maintaining their own identity where they are rooted in the ground. I think this says it all quite clearly regarding the success of a loving and intimate relationship.


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