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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Saab Kuch Maliga

I have not written in quite some time, actually since I finished the 3 part article on “Just for Today I Will Not Worry”. There are reasons for this, and the past few months have been a well needed, well deserved, and very much appreciated hiatus in my life for reflection and “digestion” of lessons learnt, and blessings received.

I have seen miraculous Divine plans fall into place with solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems for myself and my family members. I have seen the true power of our thoughts and prayers and my faith in God and his Universe have once again been strengthened….fortifying everything I wrote in the articles about “…I will not worry”. It is a powerful statement and no surprise that it is the FIRST Reiki principle. It is truly the basis for all that follows. You might like to reread the articles, especially Part II which deals with the role of Faith and its importance in “not worrying”.

I have learnt lessons in grief, faith and the blessing of being able to give unconditionally and without worry for my own future….knowing that all will always be provided for everyone, whenever it is needed.

It is a time of change for me, of dynamic and yet peaceful moving forward…I am without a job, my unemployment payments are coming to an end, and it is my 60th birthday next week….all signs of moving forward.

And of course, I am finally leaving for India…saab kuch maliga, Hindi for “anything (everything) is possible”.

For all of you who are used to receiving my journal entries by e-mail, they will now be found on my new Journal Blog (http://indiajournal2006.blogspot.com). I hope it will work properly and be easily accesible with the slow internet connections in India. If not, I will be forced back to sending the entries by e-mail. Time will tell. However, the blog idea will allow you the freedom to receive the posts or not. You can either check out the blog when you feel like it, or you have the option to subscribe to it (as you are subscribed to this one) and be sent e-mail notification when I post a new journal entry. Daily, interesting as well as mundane travel information and activities will be found on this travel blog. Insights, inspirational things, channelings and lessons learnt, “aha” moments, etc. will be written on this, the mindfulness journal blog.

Whatever this 4th trip holds in store for me, on all levels, I will gladly share with all and any interested parties. The choice this time is yours.

I will beginning this trip in an Ashram in Rishikesh for the first few weeks, perhaps month for Ayurveda treatments (panchakarma) for complete cleansing of toxins for health in general, and more intensively for treating my arthritis which has gotten very bad this winter. Perhaps see Dehradun and Nainetal while still in the area. Then on to Dharamsala and whatever that holds in store for me. May get to Amristar (Golden Temple) and even do some shopping in Jaipur this trip. Who knows?

But as they say in India: SAAB KUCH MALIGA!

Much love and light

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