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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Retreat, Meeting My Guides and Channeled Messages

A few months ago I made a decision that the time had come for me to attend a silent retreat. But there were all kinds of “conditions” I felt were necessary to make it suitable for me, and knew I just had to wait until the right retreat found its way to me. I checked periodically on the internet, but there was always something “wrong”…the type of retreat, the participants, the location, the weather, etc. And then one day, “ chance”, I found something which seemed just like what I was looking for, the location was perfect, the price right, the participants seemed compatible and of course when I read the story of the person running the retreat, I knew I had to attend. You can read more about the retreat, the idea of “Hatmara-Merkava”, and the woman who is the person “in charge” of it all. Her name is Naomi Feinberg and her story is simply amazing. You can read about her and the development of “Hatmara” on her website, in both Hebrew and English at the links below. The English is not very good, but if you read just her story, you will understand I think what drew me to the retreat in the first place.


http://www.hatmara.org/person.htm About Naomi-English

http://www.akatar.com/HatmaraINDEX.htm Hebrew

http://www.akatar.com/Hatmara_noami.htm About Naomi-Hebrew

I will not go into any details of the amazing days I spent there, but will say that since I began integrating Hatmara into my daily practice, my day in general, and combining it with my work with Reiki on all levels, amazing things have been opening up for me.

I will just say that the power of silence, of being completely in touch only with your OWN voice, not relying on input from the outside, for feedback from others regarding your experiences, increases their depth and power many many times over. It was a true awakening experience for me on all levels.

One of the Meditations we did during the retreat was a meditation to help us meet our Guides and receive messages from them. I’ve been doing this for years and had no specific expectations from the meditation. To my great surprise, it was an very deep spiritual experience which took me to places I’ve never been before, and which ended with a beautiful personal message. We did it twice during the retreat and I received a message each time.

I assimilated the first two meditations and this past week decided to do the meditation again at home (I have a recording of Naomi leading it), and to my great amazement, even more powerful things happened and I received a second message!

I am including all three channeled messages here, and if any of you would like further information, or would like to learn how to use Hatmara (it is really soooooooo simple) in your daily lives, you can contact me. We have all been asked to pass the information on to as many people as possible. No need to take courses, study in workshops (of course it IS possible to move forward and become instructors and advanced practitioners as well, but this is not necessary to use it in our daily lives), and it has worked beautifully with all those I have tried it with so far.

Here are the messages:
Believe what you know!
I come now (my guide speaking) because you are now ready to receive the higher “knowing”. I will be bringing you.

You are in this place now
Continue to move in it
No need to go back
We will guide you forward in the light
You ARE the light and joy
This IS your place
Believe your knowing.

You know all you need to know for now
Relax into your new-found peace
Each moment is precious
Do not allow any of them to be lost
You are doing all you need to do for the moment
You are highly regarded and loved
Each day is complete as it unfolds with all its wonder and mystery
We are always with you – never doubt it.

I will end with the Hatmara “mantra” which can be sung beautifully as well but which simply says:

I AM light, love and joy.

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