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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

From Moscow to Israel with Love or...

...follow your heart!

A short story but a lovely one. About a month ago my phone rang, I answered, and on the other end a man’s voice asked if he could speak with Jane. He said his name is Z and he is calling from Moscow. Staying as cool as possible I said, “Yeeeeeessssssss…..?”. He asked if I teach Reiki and I replied that I do. He asked if I could do a workshop for just two people and I said, no problem. He asked if I could do it over a weekend and again I said no problem. He asked if he could reserve the weekend of July 11-12, and I checked and again my answer was no problem. He said he would be in Israel for a week and wants to do a workshop with his 27 year old daughter.

And then, and only then, did I ask how he got to me? Where did he get my phone number? He said that it was simple. He googled “Reiki Israel”, and my name came up first (I know this is true as I’ve tried it myself in the past….). And so he called me, and that is the beginning of the story.

Seems that his daughter has been living in Israel with her Mother and step father for 18 years, as her parents divorced many years ago in Russia. Z., was remarried for many years with another family in Moscow where he is a successful businessman, and he was coming to Israel to visit her and decided they would do a Reiki course together.

When I spoke to the daughter, she said that her father's wife from Moscow, had actually done a Reiki course here when she came for a visit , and that she did it with one of the most well-known Reiki Masters here in Israel. But she could not do just the two of them (Z. and the daughter - she generally does large groups) and also not at the time convenient for them, so Z. decided to find someone else, and it was ME he found!

Well, they DID come and we spent a lovely weekend together. It was, as each Reiki Workshop is, unique, and the special relationship between these two people was very deeply felt in the energies present in the room when they were together. I still did not know much about them, very little as a matter of fact, so on the second day, when we took a lunch break, I gently began asking questions, and the first question I asked was “How often do you get to see each other?”. To my surprise, they said once a month!! I commented that this was more than many fathers see their daughters if they are divorced from the Mother. And to make such a long journey to do this seemed amazing to me…so here is the full story in short.

Until about 5 months ago, they had not seen each other over 20 years! The daughter barely remembered him and the only things she really knew about him were what her Mother had bitterly told her over all the past years. But about a year ago she decided that she wanted to make contact with him, but fearing his rejection, she put it off each time she felt like doing it. It was simple to actually find him, as she just googled his name in Russian, and because he is a successful businessman and lecturer, his name and details came up over and over again. So she had his phone number, and one day just got the courage to place the call, almost certain that he would hang up when he heard her voice. To her great relief and surprise, he was overjoyed, if somewhat cautious, to hear from her. I asked HIM how he felt when he heard her on the phone and he said, in his broken English that “it was the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life!!”. So both of them received a lovely surprise, and since then, have made the effort to see each other either here or in Moscow, once a month, and just get to know each other from a new place, without prejudices from the past interfering.

They seem to be doing extremely well and look so lovely together. It is truly inspiring to see what beautiful things we can find if we truly listen to our heart’s desire, to what our soul is telling us to do. Without fear, move ahead, take the leap, be adventurous, and trust that you will never be misled if you truly listen to that loving Inner Voice, your Higher Self, your soul, your Divine guidance, whatever you want to call it.

I would love to share their pictures with you, but of course that is impossible, but they truly look so loving and content with their newfound relationship. It is sooooooooo beautiful to see and it was my great privilege to bring them one step closer through Reiki.

Much light, love and joy to all

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