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Friday, September 07, 2007

Reiki Stories

Just a collection of stories from people who recently did Reiki I workshops with me.

Just about a month ago I taught a Reiki I Workshop to a small group of professional health care providers who work in both private clinic and hospital settings. Needless to say they were quite skeptical of the practical applications of Reiki, but decided to see if it could facilitate the work with their patients, and gave the workshop a try.

Little did they suspect the impact it would have on themselves personally or on their families. I will not share any patient feedbacks here to respect their privacy, but I have permission to share the following short stories with you in the hope that others will try Reiki for themselves and their families as well

So here are firstly some stories from these participants : (without names of course)

Want to share something very significant that happens to me.
As you might remember, It is really hard for me to wake-up in the mornings. The truth is that usually, when it's possible and I'm at home I take a nap in the middle of the day.
Otherwise I can't finish the day....
Well, since our workshop I don't have the need for so many hours of sleep.
I find myself very active with 6 hours of sleep. No problem waking up in the mornings and no need for a mid-day nap....
It's great!!!

Hi Reiki pals: I have to share with you: yesterday was our grandkids day; Maya was bitten the night before by a mosquito, she is very allergic and it was VERY swollen; she gets fenistil drops and cream, and it usually makes her very cranky and miserable (I also react that way so I know what this means); we went to a performance and she sat with me and got reiki all the time, for 1 hour; it was much less swollen, she didn't complain, once I put some cream, she didn't get the drops and slept well all night through. WONDERFUL, thanks Jane and to you all, have a wonderful day,

This morning I hit my baby toe on the leg of the metal chair in my computer room. For those of you who know me well, you know how many times I have broken toes. It was not broken ( I did not hear the crack) but it really hurt since it has been broken so many times. I was already trying to decide which shoes I would have to wear for the next few weeks.
Instead of running for the ice pack, I Reiki'd it and guess what……after about 2 minutes, the pain was gone…….not even a hint!! Normally, I would have a huge swollen toe, difficulty walking and unable to put on shoes for a long time, even if it was not broken. Wow, this thing really works!!

A month ago I did a Reiki workshop with Jane Abramovitz specially designed to help with breastfeeding problems. I have to share with you some examples of how amazing this is in my work.

1. Mother had terrible edema on day 2 after delivery. Nipple areola complex resembled tire rubber, and the pressure of the lymphatic fluids on the milkducts was so intense that not only was the mom in great pain, but no milk came out. All attempts to express milk by hand, pump, or any other way failed. There was no way this mom could latch the baby on the breast. RSP did not even help. This was a day after I finished the workshop and I was excited to try using my new skill. The result was amazing. For the first time, milk started to pour out of this mom's breast!! WE were able to give the baby mom's milk in a little spoon and later even latch him on the breast.

2. I had a mom with her second birth who has such horrific pain from her stitches that she could not sit in any way that was comfortable. Again,Reiki worked like magic. After a few minutes with my hand in the area, she said that suddenly the pain went away, and now she could concentrate on breastfeeding.

3. Baby after vacuum extraction.. all contracted against pain, face all scrunched up, and looking very worried. He was refusing to latch or breastfeed. I Rekied him and within a few minutes the furrowed brow relaxed and he started rooting and latched!!

4. Today I had a mom with the worst case of engorgement I have seen in a long time. Breasts were tight, hard and so loaded with milk that pumping was useless and painful. I told the mom that I had no choice but to try Reiki first before we did anything else. Nipples were abraised and sore and mom was afraid to even try to latch the baby, and had given artificial milk al lnight. I Reikied her and suddenly, with no pressure whatsoever, the milk started dripping out of the breast that I was working on. Within a short time, we were able to get the baby latched on and she helped drain the breast. The mom said that this was simply magic. Until now, nothing had helped and only made it worse and nothing had come out!!

It is useful not only in breastfeeding.

Tuesday I got an message from my daughter that her 9 month old had fever since 4 in the morning, and felt really yucky, could I come and Reiki him. He was burning up ( 38.8) and acting really sick and miserable. I reikid him while he was breastfeeding and after a very few minutes my daughter touched his head and it was cool and he was sweating. Suddenly he sat up and was his usually jolly happy self, smiling at everyone and ready to play. He has been fine since.I know this sounds too good to be true, but I am amazed every time I do it!

And now below a couple of stories from participants in a workshop just last week!(sorry, no pics)

I did Reiki to myself first after getting home and told my daughter that I can't wait to do Reiki on her. She usually rolls her eyes the most in the family whenever I mention something like Healing or Reiki, but she agreed to let me do Reiki on her. She then asked how long it takes and said "I don't think I'll be able to lie on my bed for more than a minute or two without getting up." (she has shpilkas, or ants in the pants - which you could call ADD or just simply say the girl can't sit still for very long and has a very low tolerance for boredom). Well, after the first 3 minutes, she became so still I thought - hmm. Better not laugh! Then as I progressed (and realized that her bed wasn't good for me but I was committed and since you said some Reiki was better than none, I continued) she then fell asleep! When I finished, I asked her if she realized she'd slept and she was very surprised

...and more stories....

Friday I had a presentation in my class with another student. Before the presentation, my partner told me she hadn't slept all night, her eyes felt awful, she was extremely agitated and nervous and just felt jumpy and out of it. I asked her if she'd mind if I did a bit of Reiki on her (I'd told the whole class about the experience). She said - sure!
So I had her sit in a chair (we only had a few minutes because our breaks are only ten minutes long and half the break was over) and I placed my hands over her eyes (I was standing behind her). I held that position for a few minutes then placed my hands on her shoulders for the remaining few minutes. When I backed away, I didn't even ask her how she felt, she turned to me lifted her shoulders up and down a few times and with raised eyebrows said: Wow - I feel totally relaxed right now - that was exactly what I needed! We then proceeded to give our presentation (our "final work" and we were the first to do it) and it was absolutely excellent. She did a bang up job and we almost got a standing ovation - the class LOVED what we did.

a few days ago I took the train to M, where my husband's cousins and his aunt live. I did Reiki to his aunt, who is 80 and having a lot of health issues, his cousin L, and his cousin E. His aunt wanted it done but was suspicious, and she didn't have much of a reaction afterwards. I felt a strong flow over her heart and her daughter said she'd had a very bad year, a lot of relatives died and she takes everything "to heart". As she said that, it kind of made sense. Then L had it done and she fell asleep and felt extremely relaxed and refreshed afterwards. Then E called from his home and his wife, who was supposed to be next, said that E has been sick for two weeks and has horrible sinus problems, can I do him instead? I agreed and we went to their house. I did Reiki on him and he said the minute I laid my hands on his face his sinuses cleared up and he felt a lot of heat from my hands in each position I put them. Then when I got to his feet he said afterwards that he felt like he was being enveloped from the feet on up to his head. He told me that he suffers from muscular aches in both of his arms and asked me to do it on one arm. I put both hands on the spot he had problems with and we talked for a bit. He said he felt a tremendous heat and when I lifted my hands from his sleeve, even his shirt was hot! He said he felt immediate relief in that arm and was blown away with the whole treatment. He said his sinuses haven't been clear for over 10 days and he was able to breathe through his nose through the whole treatment.

My mom also told me she has felt energy go through her feet and after the 2nd session she was able to stand up straight, which is something she hasn't been able to do in ages due to back pains. She ended up crying with relief thinking that maybe she wouldn't have to live as a cripple the rest of her life. She asked if crying was common and I told her it was.

After I told my youngest son (who suffers from an eye condition that has him legally blind in one eye and beginning in the other) about how I no longer have fibroids and a cyst, he asked me to do another session with him. The first session he laughed from beginning to end, which I told him is a release, and not to worry. The second session he told me he felt a tremendous amount of heat on his eyes, on his ears and on his chest, which when I looked up what chakras it is it said this is where the stress is and he is one stressed kid. He said he felt heat in his eyes even afterwards and all the next day he "felt" his eyes. He asked me to do it again the next night. And last night we decided to only do the eyes for 15 minutes (which turned into 20 when the flow became so strong and I didn't' want to stop) and the chest for 6 minutes. We will continue with his eyes when I get back from vacation

Cat Reiki story: my friend has a cat that was sick awhile back and doesn't quite look like himself anymore. He is sort of wild and won't let anyone touch him, except for my friend, and even that is reluctant. When I told my friend you can do Reiki on animals she asked me to do her cat. So I put my hands on either side of the cat (not touching him) while he was laying on a chair. At first he gave me "the eye" then closed his eyes, rolled on his back and purred. My friend stood over me and kept exclaiming that this is a wild cat and hates to be approached - it's amazing!

...yesterday I got my finger jammed in our sliding glass door for a mini-second. My pinky - which already is crooked from a time that it broke when I was a child- hurt like the dickens and I grabbed the pinky with my left hand thinking - oh boy, I hope it's not broken. I took a peek at it and saw that it was beginning to swell and looked oddly crooked - at the top part. I thought - here's the test! I will Reiki it and see what happens. (while seeing stars I said this to myself). I sat in front of the TV and watched a 40 minute program and I just held my left hand over it and asked for the "best outcome" for me. After 40 minutes I took my left hand off and thought - hmm, no pain, that's good. It looks pretty good too. Swelling went down. It looks "slightly" off - a tiny bump that you have to look close to find, but I'm able to bend it (wasn't before). So I'm a happy camper. That was yesterday. Today it's like new.

... I went to my annual gynecological exam a few days ago and every year they tell me I have a cyst, that is getting larger every year, on my ovary, a fibroid that is huge in my uterus, and I always end up doing a few more exams with the ultrasound and bloodtests (to check for cancer) and whatever. So I was prepared for the doctor to tell me to make further appointments and he says: well, you're fine. No cyst, no fibroid. I asked how he could explain it and he said something about maybe the cyst was water filled and the body absorbed it, or maybe the fibroid went away because of the menopause. Could be. Then again, I'm convinced it's the Reiki!

I did Reiki long distance on a friend with a brain tumor who lives in Chicago. Yes, you told me that sometimes it could wake people up if they are sleeping, but since she didn't specify a day and a time for me to do her, yet she was very eager for me to do it, I decided to do it in the afternoon here when it was 5:30am her time. I figured it probably doesn't wake everyone up and I thought I'd take the chance. I told her afterwards that I did it when it was 5:30 am her time and she wrote back: So THAT'S the reason I woke up so early!

I did Reiki on both of my parents and they both had interesting reactions. My father felt his heart race before he fell asleep, and I told him I'd imagined my putting my hands over his heart, since this is where all of his problems are.

Then my mother told me that she felt an energy enter her through her feet and then her leg twitched which she says never happens. Had she asked me the question: Do you know what happened to me?
I would have said: Your leg twitched. Because I first imagined my hands on her back (she has back problems among other things) and then imagined my hands on her knees for the rest of the time since most of her problems concern her knees. I saw her leg twitch. So hows THAT for voodoo? (cue the Twilight Zone music)

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