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Sunday, September 09, 2007

New Feature for Your Convenience

Just a quick post to let you know that there is now a new feature available on the blog to make navigation easier for you, especially if you are looking for a specific topic. At the end of each post, there is now a list of "labels". If you click on one for example "reiki" you will be transferred to a page which contains all the posts with information regarding Reiki. If you click on a label "pictures" for example, all the posts with pictures in them will be sorted together for you. At the bottom of this post for example, the only label is "General Information" and if you click on it, this post and any others with general information will appear. There is probably only one other post like that, but this is just an example. Use this feature as it will make things easier if you are looking for a specific topic. You can still use the categories list on the side, but eventually I will remove these as the way they function is not really efficient and can be annoying to say the least.

If you are not sure what "label" you need, just skim over the first few posts, or further down if necessary, and you will see all the labels at the end of each post which will refresh your memory as to what you are looking for. Click on the specific label which peaks your interest and lo and behold, all the posts with that label category will be sorted out for your reading pleasure!

So far, the labels available are as follows: (there will be more as I finish the blog revamp)

blessings, Carolyn Myss, channeling, disease, dreams, Faith, General Information, God, In Memoriam, India, insights, inspiration, Kryon, lessons, messages, Panchakarma, personal stories, pictures, Poetry, prayer, Reiki, Reiki Principles, Reiki stories, service, surrender, Tarot, thoughts become things, trees, Truth, workshops, worry

And pleasant reading to all of you


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