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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Family Pictures-Just the Beginning

I've decided to start playing with this and adding some of my favorite pictures from the past 6 months. I will see how it works. The sooner I get used to this, the better, as I imagine I will be wanting to use it when I finally get back to India. Well, it seems to only take 5 pictures at a time. I will publish this one and then continue, perhaps making the pictures smaller next time. I promise to get pictures on here of everyone in the family slowly but surely. For now, we have Chanale, Elisheva (with Eyal), Eyal, Gaia and Yali before getting his haircut. I will try and add a few more of my favorites now, and do these smaller. Then I will have a better idea of how this works and what it actually looks like on the web.


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