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Friday, March 10, 2006

Aviva's Departure Pics

"Your Future Depends on Many Things, But Mainly on You"
Well, Aviva has left us and moved on to Boston. It's been a very trying period for all of us, myself included. Shira coming back from Uruguay with her family, my Dad's long hospitalization and recuperation (he is now home but suffering from malnutrition and very weakened body, but I am sure he will come through this as well...it is just a matter of time), Shlomit's moving in with me, Elisheva and Moshe moving to the country, my having to leave my job (shortly) and then of course Aviva leaving us to start a new life in Boston. The whole family is on the move, in all different directions, but many new roads are opening us for all of us, and this is always very intense, even when the predicted outcomes are for wonderful things for everyone.
I have not really done any writing here on the blog as I simply have not had the energy left for anything other than the basics this entire period, but I would like to share some pics with all of you which were taken the day Aviva left. I had finally decided to buy a digital camera and after much research chose the model I wanted, found a good price on the internet and ordered it. "By chance" it arrived the same day Aviva left and we were all together...so many nice photos. Only no pics of Eyal as he was in a bad mood and refused to be photographed!!
Be well all
Will hopefully get back to this blog project shortly. I am planning next to begin discussing the wonders of Reiki, but you never know...something else may come up before I get to that ...

My love to all

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